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Training System Testimonials

Whatever your company has tried before, I can honestly tell you that if you’re looking to really make a difference in your company you need to contact the people at Accurate Ergonomics and Balance and Motion For Health. There’s no way we could have accomplished our goals without their help.

Geoffrey L.

My company looked at our books 18 months after receiving training from Accurate Ergonomics and we were more than pleasantly surprised. We have not had one injury since the training. We had been focused on so many other things and we realized that it had been almost two years since the training. We decided it was time to receive some additional protection and called Accurate again – and we’re so happy we did!

Marjorie H.

Many of the hazards and risks Accurate Ergonomics uncovered when they did their audit and assessment were things we had all walked right by for years. They helped us to really see our challenges and worked alongside us to resolve them one by one. Their training was excellent and their behavior reinforcement program really works!

Jeanette H.

My coworkers said that a stretching program would never work here. Accurate Ergonomics and Balance & Motion for Health proved us all wrong. Now it’s the best part of our day. A time we all look forward to. All we can say is thank you, and we all feel better! I noticed during our lunch breaks we all have more energy and there is way less complaining going on about how tired we are and how much our backs and shoulders hurt.

Ed M.

We’ve often talked about why the training we provided in the past didn’t really seem to work. Now we understand. The process Accurate Ergonomics used brought everyone together and kept us on track long enough changes to hold. We all were able to see where and why change was needed, and then their specialists helped us make it happen

John S.

Out of 285 locations we were the only two hotels in our chain to go a year without an injury, and we both won the “Best in Class Safety” award. We couldn’t have done it without your expert guidance and assistance.

Bonnie G.

When Accurate Ergonomics said we needed to let them look at our most challenging tasks we really thought we had everything under control. After just a few minutes we realized their value. Not only did they do a superb job bringing to our attention areas that need improvement, the training they provided and the ideas they came up with were effective and easy to put in place. I’ve never seen my supervisors so involved in relationship building.

Greg A.

As a supervisor, I had very little idea what to look when it came to keeping my crew injury-free. Your leadership training really connected the dots for me, just like you said it would. Now when I observe a worker and offer some feedback about their posture, my people trust me and really listen. They really appreciate my input and the fact that I care about them. My listening skills have also really improved. Your program gave me the tools and support to make this happen. I also wanted to tell you that my employees also feel way more comfortable helping each other to change. I’m reminded of that button, “that was easy.” Thanks again!

Sally B.

I can honestly say that I always saw this type of training as an expense. Now I clearly see that it’s not. I now see that the system Accurate Ergonomics and Balance and Motion for Health provides is an investment in my biggest assets. The dynamic brought about by the Accurate Ergonomic system changed both managements and employee’s perceptions and we were all able to meet in the middle. Communications and relationships have greatly improved, and supervisors are more visible and are more engaged in safety and injury prevention. Behaviors are improving and both near-misses and injuries have taken a sharp decline.

James W.

When we started with Balance and Motion for Health we were experiencing over 140 injuries a year. After three years of implementation and by following their prescription for success are metrics are not only way below our industries average, our employees feel better and overall morale has improved greatly. The level of customer service our employees are now able to provide has helped us gain many long-term customers. Talk about icing in the cake!

Susan P.

Your system laid out a structured solution that made it easy for us to follow. The process of assessing our challenges and training our employees with relevant skills was fantastic, and your leadership classes made a huge difference in the way safety is applied and integrated here. The coaching you provided everyone afterwards helped us to get our stretching program started and really helped our employees change their postures around their everyday tasks. Supervisors are much more confident about reducing risk and their crews really appreciate their efforts.

Harold T.

We tried ergonomic training with an on-line vendor and it worked to some degree, but our employees continued to complain about fatigue and pain. We purchase some new equipment but our employee’s postures really didn’t change much. Six months later we had two more employees who were on the fence about filing a comp claim when we called in Accurate Ergonomics. As a result of their process and their wonderful behavior-based training program and post-training evaluations and coaching, we have all not only improved our postures substantially, both of the symptomatic employees felt better enough in just a couple of days that they never filed claims.

Janice W.

Our company knew we had to do something to control losses around MSD injuries like sprains and strains. Our question was, what exactly do we do about it? Our leaders couldn’t seem to agree on a strategy and some of the solutions we found cost more to implement than we could afford. One of our employees came from a company that had hired Accurate Ergonomics to do training so we called them. That was our best move. Their MSD specialists did an amazing job auditing and assessing our facility and the strategy session they held got us all on the same page when it came to providing real and affordable solutions. Once we were all in agreement their solutions were easy to put in place. Our losses are under control and we have more money available to reinvest in our workforce.

Dirk T.

We have spent a lot of time and money over the years trying to improve the behaviors of our workers. The fact that soft-tissue injuries continued to happen was disheartening and made it difficult to gain approval for training expenditures in this area. Accurate Ergonomics delivered a pilot program for us so we could experience their system. Once we saw the immediate positive results, upper management was able to allocate the funds needed to roll out their program to every workgroup over an affordable time period. Speaking for the company and our employees, I can honestly say that we have made a 180˚ turnaround. Our morale and our culture are better that they have ever been and our injuries rates are approaching the zero-preventable injury goal.

Wendy W.

Employee Testimonials

I have never seem so my of my coworkers actually stay after class before. The trainers were great and stayed as long as we had questions. They offered some great personal tips based on each of our own circumstances.

Brian S.

The training I received from Balance & Motion for Health was awesome. I had heard some of the information before, but I’ve never seen it presented this way. I learned the key elements in preventing myself from getting hurt along with some great practical skills for improving my health and protecting my spine from injury. I feel better already!

Alan C.

Our company is over 100 years old, and we’ve tried all sorts of training to get our employees to change the way they work, but none of them worked like Accurate Ergonomics and Balance & Motion for Health. I would recommend every company provide their training for their entire staff.

Randy T.

My department employs over 200 people. This is the first time we have ever gone a year without an injury. Now it’s been over 2 years. Their approach was one that my employees were able to easily buy in to, and the results more than speak for themselves.

Captain Walt S.

The trainers from Balance and Motion for Health were excellent. Not only did they know their stuff, their passion for helping us and their caring attitudes went a long way with my employees. I’ve never seen so many of my people stay after a class to engage the instructor. I was shocked!

Nancy L.

I’ve been around a long time, and seen this topic kicked around a lot. For myself, I thought I pretty much had to just get used to being in pain, so I went into their training with a closed mind. By the end of training they not only made me a believer that it’s never too late, now I enjoy helping my coworkers better themselves so that they won’t ever have to feel the way I did.

Steve S.

The instructor was great. I too thought that I just didn’t have time to always act safely, and to always use my body in the correct manner. I’m also a person that thought management just didn’t care about me, so why bother. Just the fact that my company hired a group of specialists got my attention. By the end of the training and in the months that followed when they came back to work with us, we all feel better. Now when I go home I actually have more life left in me so I can enjoy my time off like they said I could, pain free!

John C.

I can’t thank you enough for the time you took to train us. The fact that we kept you for an additional 3 hours after class, and that you were not only okay with it but even maintained your level of passion with us was truly remarkable. We are really looking forward to seeing you over the next few weeks. Together we are going to make change happen!

Darren J.

A couple of months after the BMH training my neighbor and I were stacking two cords of wood. I used all of the techniques I learned in class and when we were done I felt great, like I had a good workout. My neighbor complained about how hard it was and sore he felt. When I went to work on Monday I shared my experience with all of my coworkers. Your program really works… Thanks!

Joan L.

Employee response to injury prevention training this week was overwhelmingly favorable. Employees rated the training classes a 9.8 out of 10. That’s a first! I observed employees implementing new skills and practices right away. Employees are already helping their coworkers improve their postures. I highly recommend working with Accurate Ergonomics and Balance & Motion for Health.

Paul W.

The feedback that I got from our officers was very positive. We are all now more aware of the precautions we should take in maintaining our overall health and the health of backs. The way you worked with the officers out at their patrol vehicles was outstanding. Everyone gained valuable knowledge around challenging tasks like handcuffing a suspect on the ground and placing them in the back seat. When your trainers had officers observe each other’s sitting and driving postures, and how each of us get in and out of the vehicle it was easy to embrace the skills you taught us during your training class.

Lt. Jim C.

As a result of your extremely effective training classes we are purchasing more ergonomically correct equipment and our employees are working more safely. Your enthusiastic training, training reinforcement and your assistance in designing new workstations made a huge difference in our business. Our injury numbers have reduced sharply and are continuing to drop, and morale has greatly improved. Employees can’t wait to have you back on site.

Mark H.

The information and the skills you taught during our training was especially relevant to our industry. The feedback from employees was not only enthusiastic, it was encouraging. Many people have already taken the classroom information and lessons learned back to their direct work groups with very positive results.

Eduardo N.

This training was the best we’ve ever had. The way the trainer presented the information got all of our attention and really connected the dots for us. We have decided to have a weight loss contest and several employees have already joined a gym. We also stretch every day now before we start work and before we perform our tasks.

Lance D.

After I took this class it made me realize how little information I had about proper lifting. Six months ago my company’s insurance carrier gave us a class on ergonomics and lifting and the information I got from that was nothing compared to what I got from Balance & Motion for Health. I’ve already started making changes in the way I use my body, and I feel better. I also shared this information with my family. Thank You!

Miguel G.


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