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Accurate Ergonomics offers a number of education and training programs and courses designed to: improve and maintain the health and safety of you and/or your employees, prevent fatigue, pain and costly (painful) Musculoskeletal Disorders & Injuries, increase efficiency and prevent loss. This page contains a few of our popular course offerings, which can be purchased and taken online individually (Individual Learning). Locate the course you are interested in, click on “See More,” scroll to the bottom of the course description page, click on the button to purchase, then enjoy your course.

We have courses available for physical/active job descriptions and at-desk employees that can be delivered classroom style by internal trainers and courses that employees can take on their own. AE also offers train-the-trainer programs and subscriptions that give your organization access to multiple courses, discounts on deliverables, compliance and sustainability packages and much more. Package and subscription prices are scalable based on the number of learners.

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Health – Ergonomics & Injury Prevention for Remote Workers (RL) – Course 6663

Integrated Health, Ergonomics and Injury Prevention Course for Remote Employees who at Work at a Desk (At Home or another Remote Location). Includes 10 Modules, a Do-it-Yourself Workstation Adjustment & Postural Improvement Process, Pre-Training Quiz & Final Test.

COVID-19 Infectious Disease Control Best Practices – Course 5951 (IL)

This course teaches you about COVID-19, including infectious disease control best practices to maintain your health, work safely and prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the workplace.

The POWER Program Course 5441 IL

This training is a 6 module, integrated health, ergonomics and injury prevention course for employees with active (physical) jobs. Course includes a Pre-Training Quiz, Final Test and numerous deliverables.

PAUSE For Prevention – Ergonomics Best Practices Course 1389 (ADP-EBP)

This ergonomics course is for people that work at a desk (seated or standing). Course includes a workstation self-assessment and postural improvement process, a workstation equipment request checklist (wish-list), 2 bonus modules and more.

PAUSE For Prevention Course 1354 (ADP-IL)

This is integrated health, ergonomics and injury prevention course is for at-desk professionals. Includes 2 bonus modules, a number of self print deliverables and a Final Test.

PAUSE For Prevention Course 1234 – CC-IL

This integrated health, ergonomics and injury prevention course is for communication, dispatch and call center professionals. Includes: Comfort Survey and Final Test.