Sustainable Results

What every Leader desires is exactly what our system delivers,
measurable and sustainable behavior change.



The Goal of Every Organization is to Achieve Positive,

 Measurable and Sustainable Results.


There is a long list of mandatory trainings organizations must provide to employees, such as: Workplace Violence, Active Shooter, AED, Bloodborne Pathogens, Lock Out Tag Out, Hazard Communications, Heat Illness, Fall Protection, and many others.  Each of these costs time and money to deliver, but in the absence of an incident none of these adds to the bottom line of an organization. OSHA also requires every company to prevent injuries through an  Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) and Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program (MIPP).


The Accurate Ergonomics Training System

Achieves Positive, Measurable & Sustainable Results.



Our Injury Prevention System is designed to transform your

Health & Safety program from a Cost Center to a Profit Center.


Our education and skills training system builds workforces comprised of well informed, educated and trained employees and effective leaders, who are able to perform every task more efficiently and without injury. Increased efficiency prevents injuries, direct and indirect loss, and improved productivity adds money to the bottom line. 

By following our proven “Prescription for Sustainable Success,” employees experience a substantial increase in Human and Task Efficiency, with reduced levels of fatigue, discomfort, pain, and costly soft-tissue injuries.



Efficiency Progression Graph


The average pre-training efficiency rating of a workforce, after one or many attempts at training is between 20% and 30%.  Through the application of our training process, within a few weeks or months the efficiency rating increases significantly, to an average of 70%. Through our continuous improvement process, efficiency reaches a level of 90% to 100%.

Once an employee’s efficiency reaches it’s peak, there is no going backward. That’s what we call sustainable efficiency. The “Priceless” benefit is a healthier and happier workforce. Our “People Centered” approach cultivates prevention on a holistic level and our strategic support process grows prevention from the inside out. Organizations are able to remain in compliance with OSHA requirements, limit their liability, and are able to move far beyond regulatory compliance, lagging indicators, and reaction-based investment decisions.


Below are some examples of Sustainable Results.

Click on an image to enlarge the view. 


90% Reduction in Injuries Year after Year


100% Reduction in Injuries Year after Year


30% Increased Productivity


Reduced Injuries + Increased Productivity

= Lower Costs & Higher Profits, Every Year!


System users receive an additional wealth of benefits, including the ability to continuously invest in health and safety, utilizing the savings from prevention. Other sustainability benefits include: improved morale and elevated culture, increased engagement, job satisfaction and employee retention; reduced DART Days (days away, restricted or transferred); increased profits through lower healthcare and treatment costs, and substantial reductions in Workers’ Compensation costs and disability claims.


Improved Morale & Culture


Fewer DART Days


These are just a few examples of the sustainable results that we have seen and measured.


Our System Will Save Your Organization Hundreds of Thousands or,

Millions of Dollars, at a Small Fraction of the Savings.


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