Course Title: POWER Training

  • Intended Audience: Employees with Active Job Descriptions
  • Number of Modules: 6
  • Course Includes: Pre-Training Quiz and a Final Test
  • Course Delivery Style: Individual Learning
  • Course Duration: 4 Hours (Approximately). May be taken in one session or one module at a time over several days
  • Deliverables Included in Course: Yes
  • Deliverables Shipped Separately: Yes – Pocket Card

About this Course

This course teaches employees with active job descriptions why and how to improve their health, personal ergonomics and body mechanics skills, prevent injuries and perform tasks in an efficient and safe manner.

Learning Objectives

Participants learn everything they need to know about how to improve and maintain their health and wellness, achieve an efficient and protective posture and prevent painful and costly injuries. Participants learn how to Plan, Prepare and Execute for long term success, at home and work.