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Every person is unique. Our custom solutions ensure that every person is
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Every Person and Every Body is Unique.


We all share similarities, but  every person is unique. Some people are taller than others. Some are physically stronger and others have pre-existing conditions. Some are older and some are in their first few days or years of their career. We could go on, but you understand the point.

Because every body is different, every person has their own unique set of habits, behaviors and challenges. When it comes to solutions, many are designed to address every person, however, if solutions do not address the unique challenges and inefficient skills every body has, injuries and illnesses will continue harm your workforce, and your bottom line.

Accurate Ergonomics designed our education and skills training system in a way which addresses the knowledge gaps, perceptions and mindsets which exist in most people, as well as the unique skills every person and employee needs to prevent an injury, which varies depending on many factors.



While some solutions are personal decisions, such as not everyone wants to lose weight, most people will never join a gym, etc., the common thread among employees is that we all would like to be more efficient. People do not want to be told to be more efficient, or to not injure themselves. Accurate Ergonomics offers a patented method that helps every person change critical, individual behaviors, become more efficient and prevent soft-tissue injuries, for life.

By delivering the right information, supported by a set of learnable skills, a process which ensures each skill becomes sustainable, mixed with the right type of motivation, every body and every employer benefits. 



Team Accurate is Ready to Customize a Program to

Meet the Needs of Your Unique Workforce.


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