Accurate Ergonomics Education & Training

 Programs Achieve Positive, Measurable Benefits.


Ensured Regulatory Compliance


Increased Awareness & Personal Responsibility


High Engagement in Safety & Prevention


Reduced At-Risk Behaviors & Unsafe Acts


Reduced MSD Injuries, Strains & Sprains


Reduced Injury Rate & Lost Time (DART)


Lower Experience Modification Rates


Lower Workers’ Compensation Costs


Increased Manager & Supervisor Effectiveness


Improved Communications & Morale


Increased Efficiency & Productivity


Improved Safety Performance


Increased Employee Retention


Improved Management/Labor Relations


Healthier, Happier Employees


Increased Profits & Substantial Return On Investment



“MSD Injury Prevention is the Best

Investment a Business can Make in Itself.”


Which benefits would you like to see in your organization?




The good news is you don’t have to choose, they are all possible!


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